About Us

I have always loved clothing and always been a firm believer in the self-esteem boost that a cute outfit can create. My friends and I also commonly discuss our "shopping addictions" and the high or rush that can come from snagging a good deal. It was from these ideas that Naya Blake was born.

Naya Blake's mission is to spread confidence. We have developed a two-fold plan to do so. The first way we plan to do this is to provide stylish, contemporary clothing at a price you can afford. We bring many of the same brands and styles as other clothing boutiques with unique twists and limited quantities. We bring in high quality items, but are able to keep prices so low because our goal is not to make a huge profit; proceeds are used to fund donations to ShelterKids, a local non-profit. This brings us to our second plan in our mission to spread confidence; for every 5 items purchased from our shop, 1 is donated to ShelterKids and given directly to teens that are victims of abuse, neglect and foster care disruption. These kids are often pulled out of their home and required to attend new schools within the shelter's boundaries; often with just donated clothing. We hope that our clothing will help give them a little spark of confidence and self esteem to brave the difficult changes and challenges ahead of them.

When you shop with Naya Blake; you can be assured that you are shopping with the lowest mark-ups and that you are truly making a difference in the lives of others during their times of need. Thank you for your support-we couldn't do it without you! Together, let's spread confidence and style!


Shanell (Founder of Naya Blake Clothing)